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granny tea and loving it

sunrise over cordoned off playground on the Barwon estuary Like everyone else, during these pandemic days, we experience everyday sameness. For us a beautiful sameness. We don't take our good fortune for granted; we are undoubtedly blessed with safety and security, at least as much as anyone can be. Micky Smith says things worth remembering are best done with a photograph or a scar. I hope our collective scars heal and make us stronger. This post is another word picture (photograph) for me to remember this worth-remembering-groundhog-day-season by. Things that shape our days: Morning routines. I wake up about 5.30 every morning and snooze until I get up about 6.15. After some ol' man yoga I get to the beach before sunrise when the sky is bright orange, pink, purple, golden yellow (or grey!) and jump start my metabolism with a (sans wetsuit) body surf / frolic in the cold salt water with a bunch of other crazies (we've been staggering our shifts to maintain physical

skin in the game

I find Nassim Taleb infuriating and centring. Dipping in to one of his diatribes (more respectfully called book chapters) is like having the curtain pulled away from the plague of what I think of as part-truths that fill our so-called civilised lives. He so brilliantly exposes the status games we are willingly tricked into playing. We punches holes in the respectability of academia with special vitriol reserved for economists and consultants of all kinds. His latest book elaborates an astoundingly simple proposition: the 'evil dysfunction' (my words) of decision-making without skin-in-the-game. In short, no one should be allowed to make decisions that affect other people unless there is a negative consequence for them personally to parallel any negative implications (intended or unintended) for those on who's behalf the decision is made. And he's not talking about the election cycle for politicians! He's talking about the nature of decision-making when those


On the last wild river in Tassie's west, where her roots are, and where part of her soul will always be at home. She is, quite simply, the person I admire most in the world. I met her when she was in her late teens. I had never met such a stunningly gorgeous woman who apparently had no need or inclination to be seen as such. I was instantly infatuated with her and her ways. In the early years of our relationship I remember her as an ocean; deep and mysterious; a world in which it was easy to swim on the surface, but it took resolve and energy to perceive and engage what lay below where the beauty seemed endless. Over the years we have explored the depths together. She epitomises poise, wisdom and discernment. Always, reliably. She is relentlessly gracious and empathetic, but is intelligent and insightful in navigating the complexity of people's emotions and intentions.  I have learned so much from her. She has helped me see and appreciate people's realities and circu

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