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Great Ocean Walk

I am not unfamiliar with the coastline that stretches from Anglesea westward toward Port Campbell. So when Rachel asked if Maria and I would join her on the Great Ocean Walk for a couple of days, I expected it would be mainly about the 'walking'. The Great Ocean Road is of course an icon of Australian tourism, but seeing this particular edge of the country from inside a car or a lookout doesn't compare with feeling and smelling it on foot. It is a truly incredible piece of country. stayed at Apollo Bay enroute the lazy Lorne foreshore, hanging on to summer bonding with Don, the new Pat Rachel christening some new boots. After the walk she decided to name them Julie and Chris after I suggested they were duly christened. hahaha setting out from Blanket Bay, feeling fresh big strides early on day 1 gob smacking break number 1 pretty special rock formation at the advice of a local we left the track for an hour and navigated the low ti

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