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how not to make an entrance

not me You know that thing where you want to make a good impression when you meet new people. And you know when instead of creating that good impression something really embarrassing happens that has the opposite effect. Well … that . The story goes like this. We are new to Barwon Heads and therefore to Talking Heads the great little community zine that arrives in our letterbox once a month. It's been a fabulous way to learn about the community we have chosen to call home and among lots of other things we read about a bunch of people who call themselves the Barwon Heads Cycling Club. Seemed like they had fun riding their bikes. And then we discovered that some of our neighbours were part of this lycra brigade. Now you’ve got to understand that I’m one of those blokes who swore never to be seen in tights, and I certainly would not be of the kind that took over large sections of cafes while respectable folk tried to pretend they weren’t there. But then someone lo

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