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When I was at Uni in Hobart in the early 80s, Shane Howard and his band Goanna toured Tassie. It was in the midst of the campaign to save the Franklin River, and Howard wrote a song (Let the Franklin Flow) that became a bit of an anthem (think shouting along on road trips) for me and few of my mates. I had no idea really. After a cruise up the Arthur River today, the so-called last of the wild rivers in Tassie, I was drawn to reflect on the lyrics again and found a Youtube clip of Howard telling the story behind the song. This trip has been full of new emotions and experiences but somehow they are all grounded in our pasts.  (Maria grew up south of here where her dad worked for the Hydro and I grew up north of here on the coast) My sense of connection to the land and appreciation for the first nations people who have lived here for tens of thousands of years has surprised me. On a visit to The Neck lookout on Bruny Island a commemorative plaque for Truganini (considered to

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