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the beauty of spoons and the celebration of eight decades of life

About a year ago I wandered into the Muji store in Melbourne and fell in love with a spoon. I love the simplicity and functionality of Japanese design and this spoon was weighted perfectly with a optimally designed shallow ladle for transferring sauces into bowls. Kitchen bliss. My other favourite spoon is a wooden one that lives in my dad's kitchen. He reckons it is about as old as their marriage which is nearing 60 years. The head of the spoon is probably half the size it once was. The wood is dark and patchy. The tip is almost flat from decades of stirring against the bottom of a pan. The sides are smooth and shaped by countless rotations in pots of all shapes and sizes.  Japanese culture includes the wonderful idea of wabi sabi; beauty through imperfection. Wabi sabi is not about imperfection as a consequence of mediocre design and/or manufacturing, Wabu sabi is about the beauty that comes from growth, use, scars. My leather messenger bag that I've used most day

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