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Pearl Bay

Brunswick Heads feels like a yurting/caravan-ing spiritual home of sorts. That's overstating it, but there is something about this place that has drawn us back so many times since we accidentally found ourselves here in June 2009. Well not really accidentally, because we intended to be here, but then it was a random unknown place on the NSW north coast.   Our first stay here was memorable. It was the first stop on our first trip with our first caravan. We wrote about it in a some blogs  here . Whether the features of the town design were intentional or not, they work. The park between the main cafe strip and the river is more than incidental, it is sprawling and inviting. The Hotel Brunswick, with its outdoor dining area between the simple but grand hotel building and the hedge-lined street is one of the first things people note when they mention this town. Simpson's Creek separates the town proper from the main beach which is punctuated by the landmark breakwall alongside whic

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