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R.I.P Taka

Yesterday, some parents in Japan received the phone call that every parent dreads. Yesterday, a young woman driver began a tormentful journey trying to live with a nightmare memory. Yesterday, a bunch of work colleagues, family and friends began a grieving process, and will start to navigate the rough road dealing with trauma. Yesterday, nine cyclists including me, were first responders at an accident scene we all wish we could un-see. Some of us have jobs that expose us to horrific injuries: emergency department employees, paramedics, police, I guess some military personnel. I am not one of them. I know that familiarity and mindset can desensitise us to what we would normally find confronting and I'm grateful that people like my friends Adie and Richard have some life experience, alongside just being impressive human beings, that means they 'clicked into gear' and became 'superhuman' when the scene emerged. I've been thinking about my reaction to the

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