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What if there are other ways of knowing?

Youtube videos of people seeing and hearing for the first time will probably make you cry, at least they did for me when I watched a few. That moment when a whole new way of experiencing the world opens up is akin to a rebirth that changes everything. Over the last couple of months I have been wondering a lot about ways of knowing. It's a weird idea right? If you had suggested to me six months ago that there were different ways of knowing things and that the way I had been taught to 'know' and navigate the world was deficient in some important ways, or at least could be enhanced significantly by other ways of knowing - I would have thought it was you that had the problem, not me! I have been learning how much we have been taught to live in our heads. The 'map' we learn is that our brain is the control room. Our body does what our brain tells it. Our intelligence and worth is derived from what goes on in our heads. The English language reinforces this with cou

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