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good desserts, fibonacci numbers and other patterns

I see the world in patterns. We spent a day in Nhill recently catching up with my sister Al and her family. We were discussing school and someone commented that they didn't like the rote learning that maths involved. Now I have always loved maths, from times-tables competitions in grade two to The Theory of Complex Variables in my third year uni degree. But after all these years, that little conversation in Nhill sparked a realisation for me I'd never had before. Maths had always been a quest to understand and experiment with (number) patterns (rather than rote learning). I remember learning how to solve magic squares , and then once I understood the pattern I completed one that was 25 x 25 - just because I could. I can still remember my delight when my year 9 maths teacher (Mr Pearce often wore a yellow T-short with the simple questions in capitals WHY?) explained Pascals Triangle . As with magic squares much earlier, I then proceeded to write a solution to  (a+b) 15

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