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expectations: rainy day morning coffee musing

I wore my jacket into the city yesterday and it was a nuisance. I didn't need it for a 25 degree day and ended up lugging it around from appointment to appointment. I wore my jacket into the city today and it felt good. I pulled the collar up against the breeze and the rain and revelled in the change of season that Easter inevitably ushers in. Same coat, same city. So many of the emotions that affect our days are about the difference between an expectation and our experience. Disappointment, frustration, anger are triggered by the difference between what we expect, plan or anticipate, and an experience of reality that doesn't measure up. Much to my chagrin, some things are predictably disappointing, yet I maintain a fool's expectation that my hopes will be met. Traffic congestion. Customer service from corporate contact centres. My ability to maintain unbroken months of optimum health & fitness. The speed of change. That people don't agree with me

normal good

Settling in to our new home over Easter ... nice having the family around doing normal good stuff.  My Padre enamel cup from what used to be our local cafe in Brunswick East, watching #ripcurlpro near our new home. A new courtyard with new hiding spots for easter eggs, Maria even bluetacked some next to olives on the trees. How old are our kids again? Rachel on the hunt Packed into Don to head to Bells. 4 people in the middle seat meant Rachel had to duck down when we spotted a cop car. (Johanna missing - had to work on Saturday. We all ended up with her for food at Kyosk later in the day.) Our crew watching the action at Winkipop Maria figured a post-surf hooded towel shot would be fun ... Aaahhhh ... that stage of life when fabulous food appears on the table without us needing to do anything. An ordinary scene capturing special normal stuff at the end of the street ... calm, social, beautiful. ... and some hours in the car to visit

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