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what's in a name?

When we lived in Brunswick we had a huge family room with polished floor boards and sliding glass doors that opened up into the backyard. One day nearly twenty years ago I sat in a rocking chair near the open back door pondering what I would call my new business. I now have a much better understanding of my vocational contribution (see my LinkedIn profile ) but even then I knew that my work, while unobtrusive, if deployed effectively could result in significant shifts for people. So on that afternoon nearly two decades ago, as the afternoon air ruffled the curtains I had a "katching" moment ... my business would be called Breeze. Often unseen, typically refreshing and yet if harnessed could result in profound changes. So Breeze People Development was born. A couple of years later when I started making a few dollars I had to create a proper business structure and so the trustee company we set up, that remains my key business entity today, was christened Temuka Breeze, a

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