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the art and discipline of slow and and expansive musing

It's late-ish on a Friday evening and I am alone with my thoughts ... and they are mixed bunch. They come from different parts of (my) life; new recipes from home cooked meals in Vasto planning for a new client project that has me reaching for books from my library that haven't been cracked open for a few years images and impressions from the design and travel journals that I digested slowly over a solo pizza dinner at Annie's frustration that my foray into learning to play music has taken a pause in recent weeks   preparatory thinking for steering the discussion at a board meeting I will chair next week troubling and conflicting reflections about elite-ism, democracy and first nation's justice from this last week's two day gathering of civil society leaders in the national capital a commitment to recapture my childhood love of drawing and graphics Friday night football anxiety about my lack of exercise due to travel and illness a commitment to lea

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