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mandated working from home

This bizarre season deserves a blog-for-the-record. I want to be able to remember these things. We've all had to reconfigure our lives to stay at home all day everyday, except for so-called necessary excursions. What has that looked like for me? long days here There has been lots to grieve. (See my last post .) My work-life has been extremely full. My multiple governance roles have unsurprisingly been demanding, but I have been involved in some COVID-19 related initiatives which have dominated my time and mental energy ... so unlike some who have had to find things to do, my days have been very full. For the most part, that has meant sitting at my desk, more often than not on zoom calls. Alongside grief, anger, frustration and despair, it has been wonderful. I get to bunker down with a woman I admire and adore. We get to do this in a little townhouse that we love to bits. She works, gardens, does mosaics, and reads. We cook for each other. We wander down the street for ou

settling in for the journey

I suspect Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' stages of grief might be useful for us in setting ourselves for the next few months. Last Saturday night as we lay in bed, Maria says, "You know we should have been on a flight to Italy right now." I had completely forgotten. Pretty much everything I had been looking forward to this year will now not happen, at least in the manner we had expected. Not the least of which will be welcoming our first grandchildren into the world ... we can't imagine what that will be like if social distancing is still necessary. The financial, social and mental impacts of this thing will hit us all at different times, depending on how long it takes for inconvenience to turn into disruption all the way through to devastation. In my bubble, I think we are still mostly in denial. Sure there has been significant disruption and we've all adapted to working from home and/or social distancing and there has been an explosion of creativity and yes

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