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a deep listening and writing journey

  Starting on my birthday in early September last year, I set out on a journey of observation and curiosity that has profoundly helped me. The first time I ever did something similar was back in my uni days, when, for two weeks, I recorded everything I did and the time I spent doing it. I was curious to see how I was spending my time and if it reflected the story I told myself about what matters most to me. The point being that sometimes the story we choose to believe about ourselves is not matched by the incontestable data. Even though I didn't broadcast what I was doing, a couple of my mates found out; they thought I was bonkers. What kind of nutjob does such things? This last years year's journey was not about gathering data about something as simple as time. It was something much more difficult. There were two things that happened that provided the incentive and impetus. The first happened at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market in July. We were lucky enough to spend a few months

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