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what's in a T-shirt?

BHCC: When I first moved here, the cycling crew made the difference between this being a great place to live, and a great community to belong to. Top bunch. Rasta Surf Co.: After only riding mass produced boards, having a log from local personality Ross 'Rasta' Harrison is very sweet. The colours - earthy oranges and browns on the bottom and a great vivid blue on the deck. Special. Raffs Icebergers: I have always been a jump-in-the-ocean kind of bloke. I've been the only person in the water on a Persian Gulf beach; the pale skinned bald guy in southern European waves and countless other salt water playgrounds. Wherever, whatever time of year ... frolicking in the water is regenerative. So finding a bunch of locals who body surf at dawn every day of the year was joy of joys. And a great, fun, caring crew too. Life is Short - but Tuesday afternoons seemed to last forever: This is the 3rd one of these shirts I've worn. From the community market in Byron Bay, it re

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