mandated working from home

This bizarre season deserves a blog-for-the-record. I want to be able to remember these things. We've all had to reconfigure our lives to stay at home all day everyday, except for so-called necessary excursions. What has that looked like for me?

long days here
There has been lots to grieve. (See my last post.) My work-life has been extremely full. My multiple governance roles have unsurprisingly been demanding, but I have been involved in some COVID-19 related initiatives which have dominated my time and mental energy ... so unlike some who have had to find things to do, my days have been very full. For the most part, that has meant sitting at my desk, more often than not on zoom calls.

Alongside grief, anger, frustration and despair, it has been wonderful.

I get to bunker down with a woman I admire and adore. We get to do this in a little townhouse that we love to bits. She works, gardens, does mosaics, and reads. We cook for each other. We wander down the street for our essential take away coffee because this little townhouse is in a village with dozens of people who have become our friends. As one of them has said lately, 'waving' has taken on a new depth of meaning. Understanding smiles accompany hand gestures that transmit heartfelt empathy.

And this little village sits on a spectacularly gorgeous headland where the estuary meets the ocean.

Yes, we've filled our weekends with those 'never-get-to-jobs. We've oiled the decks and outdoor furniture. We've cleaned the windows and karchered the weatherboards. We've cleaned the oven and washed the cars. And the chest freezer is full. The garden beds here and at the community garden have been replanted for winter. The list goes on ...

But life feels extraordinarily simple in a good way, in a way that I'll be sad to see end. No busy work. Just stuff that needs to be done; ... then slow relating. We do granny tea everyday ...

More than ever, morning exercise has fed my mental health. The water has turned autumnal cold but the prevailing westerlies and gorgeous sunrises inject wonder and beauty into the first bit of the day. Sunrise body surfing, cardio estuary swimming, board riding, old-man-yoga in my office, bike riding or walking with Maria - resets my heart and mind every morning in ways that defy rationality.

We miss our kids big time. Zoom is kinda fun, but a very poor substitute for being together. We have two yet-to-be born grandchildren. Our biggest wish right now is that travel restrictions will allow us to be with our daughters when the time comes. Fingers and toes crossed.

waiting for coffee after a sunrise bodysurf

here comes the sun, it's alright

pizza bases

Point Danger

late afternoon ride


  1. Well described Col. And it certainly does warrant capturing observations and experiences from a period such as this that we are going through, at the time, as when we return to 'normal' it will be too easy to forget how truly unique it all was. Cheers.


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