drawn by the sea

I've always been one of those 'jump in the ocean' kind of people. The sea draws me in literally. I even carry a pair of swimming shorts in the back of the Patrol for emergencies. Whatever the temperature of the water, there is something more than invigorating about taking a plunge and having a bit of a frolic. It is a life-giving ritual.

A few years ago at Bay of Fires, TAS (cold, but the water beckons)

A few mins later ... those swimming shorts came in handy
... although probably could have done without ... deserted as usual.

I'm not sure when it started but it became part of everyday life when we lived on the Sunny Coast. It wasn't unusual for me to walk from Bullcock to Kings Beach twice a day, sometimes three times, but certainly at least once. Sure, nice warm air and water there.

A part of our souls will always be at Kings Beach, Sunshine Coast

When we lived in Launceston, on the weekends I walked from our apartment at Seaport Marina around and over the Zig Zag Track to the fabulous outdoor pool at the Cataract Gorge and swam laps. Really really good. But not the same as the sea. Our regular morning walk these days goes along the Barwon River towards the river mouth but only sometimes onto the ocean beach. Flat water is not the same. I like the ocean best. And so taking a dip had not been part of my morning ritual. Until recently.

Cateract Gorge swimming pool; where Launcestonians go to play in summer
... but on a cold morning, not so much.
The view this morning (03/03/19) as we wandered along the Barwon River.

So I've been hanging out with the local icebergers and added sun-rise body surfing to my morning repertoire and it's awesome. Truly awesome. I think a part of me that has been laying dormant has been resurrected. Did I say it was awesome?

And of course, it is as much about the people as the activity. I think it's called community. And as is always the case, community is facilitated at least in part by food and drink. The chef at the cafe of choice graces us with massive plates of complimentary breakfast faire to share with our coffees. Different every time ... how does he do that? Now that's customer service!

At this time of the year the water is warm(-ish) and the mornings are glorious. But this is an all year thing .... hmmm.


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