remember these days

Father, son board meeting this morning

One day life will get harder. More stressful. More complicated. Sadder even. 

But now is not that time. It is summer, we are healthy and life is a good mix of work and play. We are privileged and blessed. And we do not take it for granted.

This little blog is to remind me. I hope that when life turns and we are struggling to smile, that I will remember life cycles through seasons. I hope I am big enough be gracious. I hope I am strong enough to think in years not in days. I hope I am sufficiently disciplined to do the basic things to regenerate wellbeing. I hope my world doesn't shrink too much.  

But now I will work hard. I will surf and ride my bike in the sun. I will sit in front of summer sport and drink cold beer. And I will glance over at that woman and pinch myself.


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