the good bad of long haul in economy

It's good to be in Florence, but it's kind of a big deal to get here. Long haul in economy with airlines cutting costs and rare good customer service is devoid of the romance I remember when years ago we stepped onto our first Qantas jumbo. These days the experience is designed as sophisticated crowd control. The movies and meal experience are mediocre but there is this incredible carrot at the end called an international holiday destination that somehow makes it worth it.

I am a bit of flying geek, so this photo is to capture the 'no filter necessary' from inside the new 787 Dreamliner which has electronic window control - no more manual shutters.

Maria and Johanna looking so much more comfortable than they were.

Rome, here we are ....

Zac, this one is for you. On the Abu Dhabi - Rome leg, Alitalia has these pillow that you can form into neck pillow. Near the end of the flight, this bloke resorted to using one to resting his head on the TV screen and another around his neck for ... who knows what for. A symbol of sleep deprivation me thinks.

Happily on the speeding train to Florence ... soaking in the gorgeous landscape and feeling really thankful that we have clear blue skies and a forcaste of more to come.

Looks like we are in Italy. Happy days.


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