pride duly swallowed

So we embraced our tourist status and did two things yesterday that must stay in the family. (notwithstanding this blog is publicly accessible!!)

1. We got on the 'get-on-get-off bus', there's not much more touristy than that, apart from ....
2. Eating dinner at a restaurant called Il David next to a replica of the Status of David outside the Palazzo Vecchio, on one of the popular piazzas ... wait for it ... at 6pm (which means we were almost on our own)

Mum particularly was very embarrassed but we were all too hungry and tired to wait for a more appropriate time. (And in our defence we had navigated our way across town to a place that offered vegan cheese pizza only to discover it closed on Sundays - doh!)

Cheesey photo on the open top bus:

Part of the tour was up above the city at the Michelangelo Terrace ... great views:

The view of the Palazzo Vecchio (old palace) from our dinner table:

Wandering around the old city on a Sunday night:

You know those bronze statues at the end of the Bourke St Mall? Walking down the street yesterday I spotted this old man standing on the corner looking upwards and he looked like a real life incarnation!


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