inside and outside the villa

We will always remember our time gathered in a villa in Abruzzo. It was our base from which we began to explore Abruzzo and connect with family. From the living room the local village sat on a nearby hill, the Adriatic Ocean covered the horizon out front and the Gran Sasso National Park's snow capped mountains completed the vista to the left.

The villa was our home, we cooked, talked, slept and reconnected with the world via our devices at the end of the days adventures.

We've all arrived

morning exercise with an incredible view, even if it was 5 degrees!

anyone for eggs?

breakfast is served

minestrone brewing for dinner

the Renault and Citroen chariots that carted us around Pescara and Abruzzo

morning sun on the villa

mountain backdrop

outdoor eating would be good if the temperature was greater than zero!


dining space off the kitchen


more lounging

daily washing and drying routine

sun drenched porch

Rache doing what Rache does

appetiser platter

what's hapenning in the world?

left overs soup - not too bad


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