Col, what actually is it that you do again?

I've been pretty crap at explaining what I do for work over the years. Even people who have known me for years (including my own kids) struggle to explain what I do when I disappear from home. Meetings, conferences, workshops, writing stuff .... but to what end?

So here's a little diagram I've been playing with. Each box is a conversation but you'll get the idea ...

1. I'm motivated by the prospect of a more just and generative world. 'Just', because the disparity of opportunity and experience is immoral. By generative I mean a society where we all get deep pleasure from engaging our senses in the natural world, where everyone gets to do what they are good at, and where all people engage meaningful endeavours.

2. The 'be the change' box is about my own life ... following Ghandi's famous if over-used exhortation to 'be the change we want to see in the world.' It is about who I am when no one is watching. It is about the life Maria and I are cultivating, for this season in Barwon Heads. 

3. The second row left hand box, and everything below it, is my work. I support leaders who are change agents, people who are committed to making the world better through their organisations. 

Some of the words towards the bottom won't mean much without an explanation. But that can wait for another time ....


  1. But doesn't serving on a board demonstrate you also 'being the change'?

    1. Hi Dave, yes could be ... but the 3 boxes on the 3rd row are essentially the 3 different things I do professionally with and for orgs. I hope I am 'being the change' in each of the lines of service to some extent. The distinctive 'be the change' box is meant to capture more of my personal life outside work. It's about everything Maria and I stand for in our lifestyle choices etc so when I advocate for 'justice' in a broader context, it is consistent with the way we make choices day to day - if that makes sense. Thanks for the comment, Col


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